A despicable, deadly bill backed by the ranching industry that will allow the slaughter of up to 90% of Idaho’s wolves is headed to Governor Brad Little’s desk. Please immediately call Governor Little at 208-334-2100 and send an email to governor@gov.idaho.gov urging him to veto SB 1211. Tell him if he signs the bill you will join the tourism boycott launched by Friends of Animals on April 28.

Even if you don’t live in Idaho, explain why you will not spend your tourism dollars in a state like Idaho that wantonly slaughters wildlife. The bill allows the state to hire private contractors to cut the wolf population from about 1,500 to 150.

“We need to put the economic screws to state governments that persecute wolves at the behest of haters,” said Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals.

Backers of this disturbing bill claim there are too many wolves and they’re attacking cattle and sheep, costing ranchers hundreds of thousands of dollars. They also said they are reducing elk and deer populations and taking away opportunities for hunters.

“It’s the same tired story. These bloodthirsty hunters think they are the only ones that should be killing rather than indigenous predators who are merely trying to survive among 1.8 million Idaho residents,” Feral said.

Meanwhile, only 16% of people in Idaho hunt. Furthermore, Idaho Code states that wolves attacking livestock or domestic animals may be killed by livestock or domestic animal owners, their employees, agents and animal damage control personnel. No permit from Fish and Game is even necessary.

Wolves display high intelligence, expressiveness, and other characteristics that enable them to maintain sophisticated, family-based social bonds. Without you defending their rights and interests, their fate will be in the hands of hunters and ranchers under the “livestock protection” banner.

Please speak up for wolves today!