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Animal Rights Education

Friends of Animals has been a leading figure in the movement to end the exploitation of fur-bearing animals and has a long history of activism regarding animals in entertainment—organizing protests against fur retailers, circuses, rodeos, bullfighting and more. We also oppose hunting and animal-killing contests and have successfully worked with many communities to convince them to cancel mass kill plans for Canada geese, black bears, deer and other wildlife perceived as problems. In addition, we help individuals adapt their behaviors so they can be better neighbors to all wildlife.

While our legal victories for animals are crucial, so are such educational outreach efforts. We offer several educational brochures covering everything from the plight of America’s wild horses and human overpopulation to living with coyotes and why cat declawing is cruel.

If you’d like to learn more about a specific topic of animal rights, click on each brochure below. If you’d like to help educate your own communities by purchasing and sharing our brochures with others, click here to visit our store.