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Our Team

The Director of the Wildlife Law Program is Michael Harris. For 25 years he has worked as an environmental law attorney, much of the time working directly on litigation to protect wildlife and natural ecosystems. Michael received a B.A. in Environmental and Political Studies from Pitzer College in Claremont, California, a M.S.L. from Vermont Law School, and a J.D. from Boalt Hall School of Law at the University of California-Berkeley, where he was an Executive Editor for the Ecology Law Quarterly. Before coming to Friends of Animals, Michael was an Associate Professor at the University of Denver, where he directed the school’s Environmental Law Clinic.

Jennifer Best is the Assistant Legal Director of the Wildlife Law Program. She received a B.A. in philosophy from Lewis & Clark College with a minor in Political Science. She earned her J.D. from University of Denver Sturm College of Law in May 2013 with a Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resource Law. She has been specializing in animal and environmental law since she graduated. She loves spending times outdoors and pursued a legal career because she believes all people and species deserve the right to be heard in our legal system. She is thrilled to be working with Friends of Animal and to promote the respectful view of non-human animals.

Stephen Hernick is Senior Attorney in the Wildlife Law Program. He received a B.A. in History from Cornell University and earned his J.D. from Duke University School of Law in 2009. He joined Friends of Animals in May 2019, after beginning his legal career as a commercial litigator at large law firms in Boston and Cincinnati. Stephen has been an animal lover his whole life and is ecstatic to now be using his legal skills towards helping animals of all species. He spends most of his weekends outdoors pursuing his passions of mountaineering and skiing in Colorado’s majestic mountains.

Andreia Marcuccio is a staff attorney at FoA’s Wildlife Law Program. She received a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a minor in philosophy from Siena College. She earned her J.D. and master’s degree in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School. Andreia believes animals have intrinsic value and has always been passionate about animal equality. She is excited to be able to use her skills to protect wildlife and ensure that animals have a right to ethical consideration. In her free time she enjoys hiking, geocaching, cheerleading, snowboarding, and identifying trees. Andreia can be reached at

Adam Kreger is an Associate attorney at the Wildlife Law Program He became involved in animal rights in 2010, and received his J.D. from Washington University School of Law in 2019, where he founded the Animal Law Society during 1L. He also participated in the Environmental Law Clinic and served as a litigation intern for the Animal Legal Defense Fund. He is elated to be using the law to protect the environment and its inhabitants. Adam can be reached at

Bill Clark is FoA’s Senior Policy and International Advisor. He has worked with wildlife since the spring of 1959, when he successfully hand-reared an orphaned red fox he named Khrushchev. Her mother had been killed by a vermin hunter. Khruschev taught him to love Nature, and to be intolerant of abuse. Bill worked about 20 years as a wildlife biologist, slowly coming to realize he was merely documenting the decline of wildlife due to human abuses and greed. He learned that, left alone, protected Nature could usually manage herself quite well. That realization brought him to make a lateral shift to wildlife law enforcement. The biggest threat to wildlife worldwide is the persistent violation of laws already enacted to protect wildlife. Bill has worked as a law enforcement ranger for the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, been a delegate to every CITES CoP since 1979, flown as a patrol pilot for Kenya Wildlife Service, served as an anti-poaching technical advisor for Senegal National Parks, and as chairman of INTERPOL’s Wildlife Crimes Group. He has been associated with Friends of Animals since 1977. He holds a PhD in wildlife ecoethology and has been knighted (Ordre du Merite) by the President of Senegal.

Kira Abramovitz is the Conservation Coordinator of the Wildlife Law Program. She received a B.S. in Environmental Science at Portland State University. Having volunteered in Bali at a sea turtle sanctuary, multiple animal shelters, and worked as an animal keeper at wildcat sanctuaries, Kira has dedicated her life to animal welfare and conservation. These experiences have provided her with the foundation for building new ventures in animal rights as a conservation coordinator. Kira is thrilled to support the advocates in the Wildlife Law Program and Friends of Animals.

Current Legal Interns

Jess McLaggan, University of Denver

Past Legal Interns

Megan Freveletti, Indiana University
Sarah Brusseau, University of Denver
Gabrielle Falcon, University of Colorado Law School
John Gallalee, University of Virginia School of Law
Ashley Zurkan, University of Denver College of Law
Chloe-Lynn Mykytyn, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Samantha Sandfort, University of Texas School of Law
Chelsey Oden, University of Colorado Law School
Kat Fiedler, Pace University School of Law
Lyndley Schlepp, Lewis & Clark Law School
Edward Huggins, Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Katelyn Gannon, St. Louis University
Jessica Gick, Georgetown University
Kate Sanford, University of Denver
Rachel N. Wichert, University of Washington Law
Anna Burica, University of Denver
Jane Michalakes, University of Denver
Liz Rasheed, New York University of Law
Aejung Yoon, University of Washington Law
Joann Kinsey, University of Denver College of Law
Aubyn Royall, University of Denver College of Law
Erica Zeiler, University of Denver College of Law
Kelly Shaw, University of Colorado School of Law
Kristen Pariser, University of Denver College of Law