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For Vets

“This program brings visibility to our hospital enabling us to gain clientele while providing a vital service to our community to help prevent pet overpopulation.”—Dr. Alex Cojocar, Hackettstown Animal Hospital


Sign-up Information

Thank you for your interest in the Friends of Animals spay/neuter certificate program and for wanting to help us avert the perils of cat and dog homelessness.

Founded in 1957, FoA is a non-profit organization dedicated to freeing animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation around the world. With the help of hundreds of participating veterinarians nationwide, FoA is the leader in affordable spay-neuter efforts, the most effective means of preventing the births of domestic dogs and cats and their mass killings in shelters. For five decades we have operated the only coast-to-coast cat and dog neutering initiative in the United States.

Veterinarians who participate in the program can foster broad and lasting relationships with new clients. In collaboration with our veterinarian friends, FoA has helped to spay and neuter more than 2.8 million animals in the U.S. through our certificate program. With your added support, we can increase that number.

When you complete the enrollment agreement and W-9 form below, and return them to FoA, your practice will be added to our list of participating veterinarians, so pet owners in your area can immediately benefit from your services. Within two weeks, you will receive a starter packet for certificate payment submission containing an instruction sheet, postage paid envelopes and transmittal sheets.

How the program works

Pet owners visit our website for a list of participating veterinarians in their area and then purchase a certificate by credit card. They receive the certificate within 7-10 days, at which time they make an appointment with a participating veterinarian.

Alternately, they can call FoA’s toll-free number to get an order form with instructions, costs of procedures and a list of local participating veterinarians. Once the form and payment are returned to FoA, the certificate is mailed to the pet owner.

At the time of surgery, the veterinarian accepts the FoA certificate as full payment for the routine spay or neuter procedure. Non-routine services refer to pregnancy, pre-diagnosed infections, undescended testicles, estrus, age, and dogs weighing 50 lbs. or more (see Veterinarian Enrollment Contract paragraph 2.8). The veterinarian returns the certificate to FoA.

(Please note: FoA charges pet owners $10 above the certificate cost. The difference is used to publicize and operate the spay/neuter program.)

Join now

Review, complete and return the contract with a completed W-9 (linked below) to Friends of Animals, 777 Post Rd. Ste. 205, Darien CT 06820 or email completed forms to


For more details or if you have questions contact Donna at 203-656-1522.