What We Believe


We believe a peaceful lifestyle begins at the table and strongly encourage a plant-based diet. Every year, to satisfy our hunger, billions of animals in the dairy and meat industries suffer terribly and die unnecessarily. We strongly encourage people to make an ethical commitment to live in harmony with the planet and all its inhabitants by choosing a vegan lifestyle.

We believe that humans do not have the right to displace or restrict animal populations simply because we have monetary or recreational interests in the land they inhabit. We call into question accepted human tactics of controlling free-living animals, such as experimental contraceptives or destroying their habitats. Instead, we promote finding ways for humans to respect and acknowledge the lives of these animals and live harmoniously with them.

We oppose hunting. The reasons for our stance are social, scientific, and, above all, ethical. Killing free-living animals is a tradition that can no longer be tolerated and we believe it is an unnatural and unnecessary act that is detrimental to a healthy ecosystem.

We believe that predators do not need to be controlled. The government kills animals at the rate of about 3 million animals annually, usually at the call of special interest groups who incorrectly portray the animals as pests. We campaign for a permanent stop to this reckless activity and educate people on ways to peacefully coexist with these animals.

We believe in activists’ rights of free speech and association. We are aware that the work of animal rights activists is frequently misrepresented by certain special interest groups and work hard to defend the rights of freedom of speech and association. We also promote peaceful action as the best way of creating meaningful change.

Learn more about what we believe and view our video playlist which showcases the many causes we have advocated for throughout the years.


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