New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has made the hideous decision to extend its black bear hunting season—the slaughter will continue Dec. 13-16.

It is sickening that Gov. Phil Murphy has betrayed black bears. Because of him, this year 331 bears were killed in the first segment of the bear hunting season in October. Another 136 bears have been killed since the season reopened this month.

Please call the Governor’s Office at 609-292-6000 and tell him you oppose this reckless, pointless slaughter of black bears. (you can email him at Tell him New Jersey needs to roll out systemic nonlethal measures such as passing wildlife feeding ban legislation, prohibiting bird feeders March-November, and requiring residents to use bear-resistant trash cans.

Bears come into conflict with people because we give them a reason to. Humans attract them with the endless supply of high-calorie food sources. Not to mention studies show there is a weak correlation between the population of bears and bear-human conflict—it is more closely correlated with human behavior.

Gov. Murphy has a chance to right his wrongs by not approving any more black bear hunts for years to come..