Pere Marquette township in Michigan is planning on continuing the slaughter of white-tailed deer in the township’s parks and recreational areas this February and we’re asking for your help in taking action against this inhumane plan.

The scheme, which was drafted by Township Supervisor Jerry Bleau, involves a hunting permit from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to allow for deer to be killed “outside of the regular hunting season” and with “exceptions to hunting rules,” by two or more expert shooters, likely from the Mason County Sheriff’s Office.

The hunts have been scheduled to be conducted in township parks, at least one of which is located in a heavily populated area, and have currently been stalled until Feb. 16. We suspect 20 deer have been killed already with an estimated quota of about 150. You can read more about the plan here.

Please take action today by emailing the township Supervisor Gerald A. Bleau, Clerk Rachelle Enbody and Treasurer Karie K. Bleau to tell them you do not support killing deer and urge them not to move forward with such bloodshed.

If you live in the area, you can also participate in a public comment period on Feb. 14 at the PM township hall, which is located at 1699 S Pere Marquette Hwy, Ludington, MI 49431.

The township is considering this wrong-headed plan with little to no regard for science. Shooting deer doesn’t keep those left behind off roads. In fact, it moves them around and makes them more likely to enter roads without caution.

Public education is the sane alternative to this ludicrous plan. The town should be encouraging residents to change the type of plants and shrubs they have in their yards if they aim to cut down on human/deer interactions. Friends of Animals also advocate for other methods to protect areas from heavy browsing, like fencing that can inconspicuously protect sensitive plants and spray repellents.

Bullets and the havoc they produce are not decent solutions for living with neighboring wildlife. Shooting deer is cruel, dangerous and feeds the mentality that the only good deer is a dead one. While 6.7% of Michigan’s residents have paid hunting licenses, more than 93% of residents opt for wildlife-watching or other non-violent pursuits.

The PM Township Council is out of step with the majority of people who live in Michigan.