Wildlife killing contests will be illegal in New York starting Nov. 1, but that’s not stopping the moronic hunters at the Morris VFW Post 1417 from hosting a perverse woodchuck killing spree. The shameful contest slated for April 27 offers free hamburgers, hot dogs and cash rewards for hunters who kill the longest and heaviest animal. There’s also a gun raffle.

It never ceases to amaze us how trashy and depraved people can be. Woodchuck’s lives should be spared because killing them is ghoulish. Killing contests serve no scientifically backed ecological purpose and encourage senseless brutality. That’s why NY Gov. Kathy Hochul signed legislation that amends the state’s environmental conservation law to make them illegal.

Please call Morris VFW at 607-263-2411 or comment on their Facebook page and tell them hosting contests to kill the largest number of a certain species of wildlife is barbaric. Not to mention, woodchucks, also known as groundhogs, provide natural pest control and distribute nutrients in the soil.