Cheers to the Clark County commissioners who have condemned predator hunting contests in Nevada and called on state officials to ban the practice.

The Clark County Commissioners voted unanimously last week in favor of a resolution that urges the Nevada Department of Wildlife to prohibit contests that offer prizes for killing animals like coyotes, bobcats and foxes. According to the resolution, which was introduced by Commissioner Justin Jones, there have been at least four such killing contests in Clark County in recent years.

Kudo’s also to the Las Vegas Sun for its editorial: “Wildlife-killing contests have no place in civilized society,” which calls on the state Department of Wildlife Commissioners to vote to cease these slaughters masquerading as sporting competitions.

“Winners receive cash or prizes such as AR-15 rifles and some events feature children’s divisions. This should not be happening in Nevada or in any other civilized society in 2021,” the editors write.

We couldn’t agree more.

The Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners last took up the issue in 2015 but voted 7-1 to allow the kill-offs to continue. This year, at least one board member is on record supporting a ban, the paper reports, also noting that California, Arizona and New Mexico, have all enacted bans in recent years.

“The bottom line is that the science simply doesn’t support these wholesale slaughters, so all we’re left with is a cruel and grossly inhumane practice. Enough. It’s time for Nevada to move out of the dark ages and get with the times,” the editors write.

You can email or call the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners and tell them to support the ban by clicking here.