We can’t muster any sympathy for the Louisiana deer hunters who complain that their bait stations of corn feed are attracting black bears and, thus, scaring away the deer. It’s pathetic these bloodthirsty gun nuts are pressing Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to hold a special hunt later this year that would allow them to kill up to 10 of the once critically endangered subspecies of Louisiana black bear. 

Like J.T. Strong, who is described in a press report as a “pastor and hunter” and then quoted as telling game officials, “I’m disappointed you are only talking about 10.” 

Lordy. And pity the Louisiana black bear—one of 16 subspecies of Ursus americanus—which was classified as ‘threatened’ under the U.S. Endangered Species Act from 1992–2016 and has only recently recovered to a population of about 1,200, spread mainly along the Mississippi River Valley and the Atchafalaya River Basin.  

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries officials have hosted three public meetings in northeast Louisiana about the proposed hunting season, reports nola.com. In collusion with the hunters, some farmers also support a hunt because they claim black bears have a taste for chewing through “fuel lines on farm equipment” and should be shot. Instead of wasting time sounding off in support of a bear hunt, they should focus on storing farm equipment in a secure building.  

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission will vote on the hunting proposal at a meeting later this spring. Friends of Animals will press the agency to side with the 90 percent of Louisiana residents who do not kill for sport and stop any bear hunt in its tracks.