We are horrified to learn of six anti-wolf and anti-wildlife bills that have been introduced in Montana’s legislature. The state is attempting to return to barbaric, unmitigated slaughter of wolves under their new governor, Greg Gianforte; he recently violated his own state’s hunting regulations when he trapped and shot a radio-collared wolf just outside Yellowstone National Park.

Tell him to stop this war on wildlife by contacting him online here or calling his office at 406-444-3111.

These are the bills to tell him to veto:

· SB-314: Unlimited wolves on one license, trappers can bait wolves, night hunting of wolves with artificial light or night scopes.

· SB-267: $1,000 bounty on each wolf, allowing trappers to profit on fur.

· HB-224: Allow wolf snares that will strangle hundreds of wolves and thousands more non-target animals, including dogs.

· HB-225: Extend wolf trapping season by a month, endangering wolves, grizzlies and black bears.

· HB-468: Allow hounds to pursue and kill black bears from spring to July 31 as training for dogs.

· HB-367: Make trapping part of the state constitution, stop any restrictions on trapping in perpetuity.

It doesn’t matter if you live in Montana. You can tell the governor that you were planning to visit Montana and Yellowstone to see wolves and other wildlife, but will boycott his state unless he vetoes the bills.

The anti-wildlife nature of the bills prompted more than four-dozen former wildlife professionals of Montana to raise their voice in opposition, according to the Missoula Current.

“We find these bills to be based on misinformation about wildlife, misinformation about the effects of predators on prey species, and a lack of understanding about the complexity of natural environments in Montana. Detailed wildlife policy should be science-based and set by the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission with the input of the public, not by the legislature,” they said in a letter.