The reintroduction of wolves to Colorado will continue as planned after Friends of Animals, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and other animal advocacy groups thwarted the meat industry’s desperate last-ditch lawsuit to block the underway plan.

“Friends of Animals couldn’t be happier that the meat industry groups failed in their last-ditch efforts to stop pending reintroductions,” said Jennifer Best, director of FoA’s Wildlife Law Program, based in Centennial, CO. “Coloradans have made it clear they want wolves in their state. As top predators and a keystone species, wolves play a critical role in restoring a healthy, thriving environment.”

The return of wolves to Colorado comes at a time when the animals are in great peril in many surrounding states.

“We hope the state can serve as a safe haven for these remarkable creatures,” Best said.

FoA has been critical about Colorado’s reintroduction plan and how it coddles the meat industry. Wolves do not represent a serious threat to livestock. Period.

However, the plan already provides state officials and ranchers a high degree of management flexibility of wolves, including killing wolves in situations where wolves are caught in the act of killing cattle. Ranchers also receive full market value for lost cattle.

“The truth is veganism and preserving public lands for wildlife is the most ethical and effective solution to reduce any ‘conflicts’ with wolves, “ Best said.