Cheers to Mayor Adams, because that means foods like macaroni and cheese, pizza and mozzarella sticks will be off the menu.

“This is what change looks like, and we applaud Mayor Eric Adams,” said Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals, which was incorporated in New York in 1957. “A plant-based menu is not only healthier, it shows respect and compassion for animals and will help combat the climate crisis.”

City school cafeterias were already completely meatless on Mondays and Fridays thanks to a program launched by previous mayor Bill de Blasio in 2019.

Milk, which is required to be served under federal USDA guidelines, will still be offered on Vegan Fridays. The guideline is an antiquated, meat-industry standard that Friends of Animals is challenging. And Department of Education Associate Press Secretary Jenna Lyle told ABC7NY that non-vegan menu items will be available upon request.

“The USDA, which is wedded to the meat industry, should butt out with its guidelines. We can’t have the meat industry running the country,” Feral said. “Fortified, plant-based milks provide essential nutrients without serving up animal cruelty.”

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