We may be just barely two weeks into the new year, but you can already award Meta mogul Mark Zuckerberg the prize for one of the most clueless, reprehensible people on the planet for 2024.

The social-media billionaire recently bragged on his Facebook and Instagram platforms that his latest life goal was to fatten and then slaughter cattle on his $100 million ranch in Hawaii to create what he called “world-class” beef.

It’s bad enough knowing that any form of cattle production is ethically indefensible and environmentally ruinous; Zuckerberg aims to raise these innocent animals on an even more climate-cringeworthy diet of macadamia nuts and beer. Even worse, he boasted that he got his young daughters “to help plant the mac trees and take care of our different animals.”

If Zuckerberg expected good press for this rich man’s folly, we’re offering up the opposite. As tech writer Andrew Greenberg sarcastically responded to Zuck’s online post, “Proud of you, man. You really fulfilled that dream of putting food in your mouth in the manner that causes the most climate change possible for a human being.”