by Priscilla Feral

Dead beluga whales are bad for business.

So Mystic Aquarium has put on a full-court press in an effort to protect its image and continue duping the public into believing it must research beluga whales in captivity to save the species in the wild.

After obtaining a research permit, last year the Connecticut aquarium imported five beluga whales from Marineland in Canada. Since then two whales, Havok and Havana, have died, and another, Jetta, is in critical condition.

Instead of claiming any responsibility, the aquarium is defending the care of the animals, touting a pathology report that indicates both whales died due to diseases that could not have been prevented.

Aquarium officials are saying the beluga deaths were “unpredictable, unpreventable, incurable and undiagnosable until after death through necropsy” and seem to be wanting sympathy from the public.

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