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The Best of Vegan Cooking

By Priscilla Feral

The 84 extraordinary recipes, representing cuisines from around the planet, feature flavor-filled dishes both original and from the worldÍs great chefs. YouÍll find cooking for every occasion, from easy, everyday meals to festive, elegant dining. The Best of Vegan Cooking is a cornucopia for all seasons _ soups . . . salads . . . pastas . . . vegetables and side dishes, breads and muffins, desserts with special sections on delicious ice creams and sorbets and classic risottos.

Beautifully illustrated with 17 full-color photographs! It’s a perfect gift that will be treasured along with its predecessor, Dining With Friends: The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine.

“Offers an inspiring and mouthwatering glimpse into the remarkable diversity and elegance of plant-based cuisine, and into the future of food on this planet. This cookbook gracefully celebrates the emerging glory of vegan cuisine, a cuisine that is proving that kindness and awareness are also tasty and healthy.” — Will Tuttle, Ph.D., author, The World Peace Diet

“Destined to become a classic. But I hope it will become a series. Priscilla Feral and Friends of AnimalsÍ vision brings a community together to create a book that is more than the sum of its parts! Added between the lines is pure passion for plant-based ingredients.” — Linda Long, author, Great Chefs Cook Vegan

“When you feel good, life is a lot easier, and the vegan food in this book makes you feel great.” — Bart Potenza and Joy Pierson, Candle 79 and Candle Cafe, New York City