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The new edition of our premiere cookbook-now with gluten-free dessert offerings and a new cover.

Dining With Friends
The Art of North American Vegan Cuisine
By Priscilla Feral

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“It’s full of recipes that are indeed healthful, delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and sure to delight friends or family with wonderful memories for years to come. But what’s more, these excellent recipes are made entirely from plantfoods…so you can prepare and serve these recipes, comfortable and happy in knowing that you have in your hand the key to bringing your meals into alignment with your sense of compassion.” From the Foreword by John Robbins


129 innovative recipes as enjoyable to prepare as they are to eat. Everyday cooking … raw foods… festive holiday occasions… homemade breads… salads… breakfasts… sandwiches…soups for all seasons… classic pastas… heirloom recipes… perfect cheesecakes…

This beautifully illustrated book also includes eight full-color photographs, and makes a great gift. So give it to a friend or family member, and invite yourself over for dinner.

What They’re Saying…

Vegetarian Times:

“With their wide appeal and traditional feel, these recipes… are perfect for the holidays.”
– “Family Fete: Easy Entertaining from the new Friends of Animals cookbook” by Lisa Barley

Vegetarians in Paradise:

“With an abundance of wholesome dishes, this vegan volume is a valued collection of truly inspired recipes for every occasion. The banquet of innovative recipes features fresh fruits and vegetables in preparations that are easy, even to the new home chef… an ideal addition to the home cookbook shelf and would be a welcome gift item to the fortunate recipient.”

Nashville City Paper:

“The book caters to people who want healthy, flavorful appetizers, side dishes, main courses and desserts.”
– “New Eco-Friendly Cookbook Has Taste” by Liz Gay