by Priscilla Feral

The scaremongering by Connecticut wildlife officials and media continues, as the recent article “Coyote confrontations on rise in dense areas of CT, officials warn,” attests.

The reporter cites state wildlife and local animal control officials’ alarm over an “attempted attack” by a coyote on two large dogs in a Glastonbury backyard as a basis to spread fear about how these wild canines “can be particularly threatening to humans.”

Talk about crying wolf.

n truth, while the reporter described the incident as involving a coyote who “tried to jump a fence to get to two large dogs,” later in the same paragraph we read that coyotes “target larger dogs — not as prey but as competitors for the same food sources.”

Wanna bet the coyote was drawn to the backyard by the presence of a big bowl of dog food or some other food attractant?

Also homeowners who don’t want coyotes in their yard should build a coyote-proof fence.

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