This weekend Friends of Animals is headed to and sponsoring the 16th annual WORLD VEG FESTIVAL, hosted by the San Francisco Vegetarian Society. The weekend event features speakers, food vendors, exhibitors and community groups promoting a plant-based diet and lifestyle.


Friends of Animals’ presentation “Connecting the Dots & Exposing Lies; Animal Lives Matter” will focus on the similarities between factory farms and free-range ranchers—specifically products marketed as “free-range” and “humane”— and the war being waged on wildlife, including wild horses, wild bison, wolves and coyotes. The talk will delve into how dietary choices have far-reaching effects on animals beyond the ones killed or exploited for the “food” products.


Founded in 1968, the SFVS is a non-profit, volunteer and community-based organization that promotes the nutritional, ethical, social and environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet. SFVS hosts events throughout the year such as vegetarian potlucks, picnics, dining out and lectures.

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