After helping to gas more 179 monk parakeets in the past month, the United Illuminating Company is continuing its eradication program by tearing down nests. Surviving parakeets will now have to endure frigid temperatures as their homes are systematically destroyed. More than 100 nests in West Haven, Milford, Stratford and Fairfield are under threat.

Build a Nest

Friends of Animals is helping to fund a nest-building project for the birds whose nests have been destroyed. We hope to have artificial nesting platforms erected in yards adjacent to where tear-downs will occur. If you live across from a nest which will be torn down and would be willing to have a platform constructed in your yard, please contact Friends of Animals. You can also help by donating to Operation Parakeet; all donations will fund the erection of platforms, as well as future litigation on behalf of these birds.

If you would be willing to build a platform yourself, please find blueprints and a list of materials below.

Whole Pole


Download Nesting Platform blueprints (pdf)

2 X 10 foot 4inch PVC
one 4 inch coupling
4 X 4 inch toilet flanges
2 X 10 foot 2inch PVC
one 2 inch coupling
PVC glue
3 X 2ft X 2ft 3/4 inch plywood pieces
1 roll X 2ft chicken wire (25 ft)
1 roll X 3ft chicken wire (25 ft)
8 X 5 in (1/4 inch diam) bolts with LOCKING nuts
6 X 2 1/2 in (1/4 inch diam) bolts with locking nuts
sm box 2 inch drywall screws (course thread)
3X 2 foot by 2 foot, 3/4 inch plywood
2X 6 foot boards, 1 X 8 inch
Hay/straw, sticks/twigs
Drill and extra long 5/16 inch drill bit, phillips head bit
Jig saw
hand saw
tin snips
wire bag ties

More Photos

Condo Construction, photo 1
Condo Construction, photo 2
Condo Construction, photo 3