This summer W Magazine’s article “With the Launch of the Impossible Burger, Veggie Burgers Are Officially In,” the pop culture magazine declared that we are now in the “era of eating vegan.” Why? Because David Chang added an animal-free patty to his menu at Momofuku Nishi in New York. The burger is the product of Impossible Foods, a private company founded in 2011 to replace meat and dairy with plants. The Impossible Burger is the first innovation from the company, which is funded in part by Bill Gates and Google Ventures.

The folks at Impossible Foods are cultivating leghemoglobin in vats, and it’s fitting that veggie burger blood is found in legumes. This is the plant group that is frequently tapped by vegetarians for its protein content. The fact that plant-based blood comes from these subterranean protein factories is intuitively pleasing.

But Friends of Animals has been advocating for a vegan diet for decades and offers vegetarian/vegan Restaurant Guides to make it easier for people to find plant-based eateries. We have recently updated them so visit our page here to download them today!

Later this year, the Impossible Burger will appear at other restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and eventually you’ll be able to buy the burger patties in grocery stores. Compared to an identical burger made from cow, producing the Impossible Burger requires a quarter of the water, a 20th of the land, and only an eighth of the greenhouse gas emissions, according to a lifecycle analysis conducted by Impossible Foods.