Dear Texas FoA and Primarily Primates Members,

As you likely know, Friends of Animals has managed the San Antonio, Texas based Primarily Primates sanctuary since May 2007. Our combined efforts have strengthened the refuge, and helped assure a safe future for rescued primates and other residents. We've also hired a top-notch lobbyist in Austin to help the bills mentioned below pass into law, and we request your assistance.

So that Primarily Primates and other private, non-profit animal sanctuaries in Texas are clearly exempted from the Dangerous Wild Animals Act, to care for primates, wild cats and other animals needing dignified, lifetime care, we've drafted a bill that needs your support. Please write State Rep. Lyle Larson and State Senator Jeff Wentworth to thank them for introducing HB 1546 and SB 958 to protect Texas animal sanctuaries.

The bills allow Texas sanctuaries to continue to protect the otherwise homeless, abandoned and abused animals, whether or not a particular county in Texas provides a process for registering the sanctuary's residents with a local “animal registration agency.” E-mail Address: Senator Wentworth and Representative Larson: Or write: (SB 958) Senator Jeff Wentworth The Capitol 1500 North Congress Austin, TX 78701 and (HB 1546) Representative Lyle Larson The Capitol 1500 North Congress Austin, TX 78701

Many thanks for your important effort on this needed legislation.


Priscilla Feral, President

Friends of Animals 

Primarily Primates