We love happy endings. That’s why we have a cheer for some Connecticut firefighters who sprang into action to rescue eight ducklings who got separated from their mom.

The Hour newspaper reported University of Connecticut firefighters at Storrs carried out a “confined space rescue” Sunday afternoon to reunite eight ducklings with their mom and siblings after they fell into a catch basin near the school’s chemistry building.

Bystanders had called for help after seeing the distraught mother duck and two ducklings calling for the others who were in a nearby catch basin.

UConn firefighters set up access to the basin with a ladder and tethered a fighter who went in and was able to rescue six of the eight, according to the UCONN Public Safety Facebook page. The other two were swimming south in the drain tubing so firefighters lured them with Rice Krispies to the next catch basin were they were successfully rescued.

The mother and her young were all seen swimming together on nearby Swan Lake a short while later, firefighters said.