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“We’re trying to overcome the crunchy-granola reputation,” says Priscilla Feral, national president of Friends of Animals in Darien and author of “The Best of Vegan Cooking” (Friends of Animals Nectar Bat Press, $19.95). “Our image needs to be polished. People think that a vegan diet is a sacrifice, that it’s tasteless and unappealing. It’s not. They think you can’t get enough protein, calcium or iron. You can.”

Feral, a former chocolate recipe designer for Godiva, explores the diversity of “plant-based cuisine” and includes recipes by New York food columnist Mark Bittman, restaurateur Susan Wu and other high-profile chefs in her collection.

The book’s intro includes a brief explanation of [Vegan Society founder Donald] Watson’s philosophy of living in harmony with the planet, but the overriding message is one of healthful eating and fresh, well-prepared dishes.

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