Despite an enormous public outcry and many offered alternatives, United Illuminating, in cooperation with state agents and the United States Department of Agriculture, continues to kill monk parakeets along Connecticut’s shoreline.

Said Al Carbone, a UI spokesperson, after a meeting with state officials: “We are going to continue to remove the nests as we have already planned.”

Following recommendations from several of dedicated members and supporters who write to the Web blog on our Internet site, Friends of Animals asks UI’s 300,000+ customers to refrain from turning on their holiday lights this season. Organization president Priscilla Feral adds: “If any of UI’s 300,000+ customers want to put the economic screws to UI this holiday season, join others in keeping their holiday lights inside a box this year, and pay electric bills as late as possible.”

Send a letter of protest to:

Nathaniel Woodson, Chair of the Board and CEO
The United Illuminating Company
UIL Holdings Corporation
157 Church Street
P.O. Box 1564
New Haven, CT 06506
Phone: 203 926-4637
Fax: 203-499-3286