Here at Friends of Animals, we love a happy ending.

We wanted to share the wonderful news that Toto, an orphaned chimpanzee that Janis Carter, director of the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project, rescued and helped cared for approximately four years, has arrived at the Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzes sanctuary in Guinea.

Friends of Animals has been helping to fund the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project, an island sanctuary located in the River Gambia National Park, since 2008. It is home to more than 100 chimpanzees, who live in relative freedom—without bars or cages—on three of the national park’s five islands.

Toto was orphaned in the wild in Senegal when his mom died from an apparent snake bite. Carter stepped in and has been key in tending to Toto’s physical and emotional needs and securing him an enriched life at the Guinea sanctuary, where he will find friendship and family with other orphaned chimps.

Carter describes Toto as a total character who thinks everything is a game and great fun!