pstrongAnother Look at “Sustainable” Animal Farming/strong/p
pSmeared with animal fat and loaded with poison, an M-44 is a tiny land mine. The sodium cyanide-filled lure is one weapon of choice for Wildlife Services-a U.S. government agency deployed to battle predator animals around farms. /p
blockquotep”¦ Some cattle ranchers a href=””believe/a an assault rifle, such as the infamous Bushmaster, is an appropriate weapon to use against coyotes. And then there are the traps and snares that kill tens of thousands of animals annually. These deadly pieces of equipment are not in the factory-farm warehouses. The call to “end factory farms” won’t affect them./p/blockquote
pWe’re pleased to announce this important article from our VP of Legal Affairs, Lee Hall, in CounterPunch. a href=””Read on/a./p