by Lee Hall

The news reports paint a rosy picture of Chimp Haven, Inc. Chocolate lovers can buy a bar of Endangered Species Chocolate with a picture of a baby ape on the wrapper to support the company’s guaranteed donation of at least $25,000 to Chimp Haven, New York Times (7 Jan. 2007).’)”>[1] a place that almost everyone happily dubs a “naturalistic sanctuary in Louisiana.” Ithaca Journal guest column, “”¦ chimpanzees have gone to Chimp Haven, a naturalistic sanctuary in Louisiana, under an agreement that they will be permanently retired from research.”’)”>[2]

Chimp Haven is no sanctuary. Located near Shreveport, it serves as a holding site for the National Institutes of Health, whose only interest in chimpanzees is using them in tests. Donors who want to help chimpanzees are helping the NIH continue to afford experimenting on these beings.

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