One of the biggest culprits in terms of animal cruelty in the fashion industry right now is the Canada Goose Company, which is opening a flagship store in NYC today. 
Canada Goose may be a global brand these days, but its marketing department will never be big enough to hide the fact that the company exploits birds and coyotes for its trademark jackets filled with down and trimmed in coyote fur. 
Canada Goose claims their jackets are built for the coldest places on Earth and that down and fur are the only choices. Its misleading feel-good claims are that it only purchases down that comes as a byproduct from the poultry industry. And it only purchases fur from licensed trappers.
To add insult to injury, it says it uses coyote fur because coyotes are considered pests as they attack livestock, endangered prey species, pets and sometimes people. When caught in leg hold traps, coyotes will fight mightily to free themselves, sometimes chewing off their feet only to die later from shock and blood loss.
Coyotes are intelligent, social emotional creatures. A brand that supports the skinning of animals can never have their best interest at heart. This is no right way to do the wrong thing.
Tell Canada Goose there’s nothing warm and cozy about the cruelty they sew into every one of these horrible jackets. Urge the company to stop selling fur and goose down now!Please send a message to CEO Dani Reiss at or contact them on Facebook or Twitter.

Want another way to take action? Support cruelty-free brands when you’re buying your winter wear! Stay with us during the coming weeks as we launch our “Wear This. Not That” campaign showing animal-free alternatives for cold weather gear.
You can help spread the word about the cruelty of the fur industry by sharing information with your friends and family. Check out our anti-fur brochure right here.