We have a cheer and a jeer today for National Geographic and its feature story, “Why fur is back in fashion” in this month’s issue.

On the one hand, we are happy that it exposes the horrors of the fur industry. It’s crucial now since the fur industry has gotten busy revamping its image since the 1990s. And the leading fur auction houses began seducing designers and design students at the height of the anti-fur movement. Sadly designers and consumers have fallen right into the fur industry’s trap! No pun intended.

The distressing result is that the global fur trade is now valued at more than $40 billion worldwide, roughly the same as the global Wi-Fi industry.

On the other hand, the author seems to praise the industry for its “reforms” since the 90s. However, the truth is there is no way to regulate the atrocities of the fur industry. That’s why the only option is to never wear fur so the industry fails and disappears for good.

We disagree with the author that “our pampered lives” depend on animal production of any kind. And we encourage those who feel the same way to voice their opinions and inspire change. Here’s how:

● Support designers and retailers who have renounced real fur and who don’t use fake fur, which keeps fur relevant. We admire Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart at Vaute Couture!
● Write to fashion designers and celebrities who promote fur and ask them to stop. Contact print and television media and urge them to report the reality between fur trapping and farming.
● Educate others! Visit our website at www.friendsofanimals.org and request copies of our Flip off Fur Brochure or our anti-fur bumper stickers and pins, and hand them out where retailer sell fur.