Talk about completely heartless…Rihanna shows off heart-shaped fox fur jacket in NYC
So gross…we have a huge #jeer for Rihanna today and her vile heart-shaped, fox fur jacket she was photographed wearing over the weekend. The wildly outlandish fur cape, designed by fur-loving fashion house Saint Laurent, apparently markets for an eye-watering $15,550, but we know you truly can’t put a price on the number of lives that were lost to create this atrocity of a jacket.
Rihanna is infamous for wearing the skins of animals when she dresses up…from her fox-fur lined Met Gala dress (for which upwards of 100 foxes were killed) to her fur-lined designer jackets, Rihanna leaves a trail of cruelty wherever she goes. Besides the fact that she’s feeding a cruel and violent industry, Rihanna’s ridiculous fashion decisions especially irk us because she has the platform and the funds to promote conscious attire and be a role model for the fashion world.
Despite fur being a fashion a fashion faux pas in the 80s and 90s, the global fur industry is now being valued at more than $40 billion, roughly the same as the global Wi-fi industry, because the industry got busy renovating its image, and designers and consumers have fallen into its trap.But no matter how many feel good labels it sticks on its fur coats, the fur industry still farms, traps, kills and processes millions of animals who could have lived full free lives.

So join Friends of Animals in flipping off fur! Tag your anti-fur photos with #FlipOffFur and check out our anti-fur brochure right here to get the facts about this heartless industry.