Reject the Slaughter
Defend Black Bears in New Jersey
Friday, Dec. 3, 1pm-3pm
State House, Trenton, NJ

Your presence is urgently needed at a rally organized by Friends of Animals (FoA) and joined by NJ-based group Heart for Animals, on Friday, December 3rd, where we’ll protest New Jersey’s bear hunt directly to Gov. Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) office at the State House in Trenton, New Jersey, during working hours so that critics of the mean-spirited, ignorant hunt are heard.

The black bear massacre is set to start December 6th and the violence continues for six days; in spite of objections, perhaps because Gov. Christie is an apologist for the NRA’s assaults on indigenous wildlife.

Please take an hour or more to join us and demand Gov. Christie cancel the bear hunt.

FoA and New Jersey group Lawyers in Defense of Animals (LIDA) recently joined forces to tell Governor Christie that New Jersey has it all wrong when it comes to bears.

Marie Ansari, Secretary of Lawyers in Defense of Animals (LIDA) said, “If bears might live and thrive in New Jersey, we as state residents are highly fortunate people.”

Lee Hall, Vice-President of Legal Affairs for FoA points out, “Bears have now been encountered in all 21 New Jersey counties. Their population is up from a weak three-figure number to a more viable four-figure number.”

“The governor has got this completely backwards,” said Friends of Animals board member Sally Malanga. “One has to wonder whether Gov. Chris Christie is intentionally ignoring the facts in order to provide a trophy hunt for certain supporters.”

“Rather than teaching our society to kill other living beings, we should be following the proven path of public awareness. Then we win, and our native animals win,” said Malanga, a resident of northern New Jersey.

**Some banners & posters will be provided, but you are encouraged to bring your own, in addition to noisemakers of all kinds.

Friday, Dec. 3, 1pm-3pm

State House Address:

125 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08625

Public Transportation

Direct rail service to Trenton is provided by both NJ Transit (1-800-582-5946) and Amtrak (1-800-872-7245). NJ Transit also provides bus service to and within the Trenton area. More info.

From the Train Station

Walking: South Clinton Avenue runs along the left side of the train station. Proceed up the avenue (to your right when facing the road) one block and make a left onto East State Street. (You’ll soon pass the Department of Environmental Protection on your left.) At one point, the street becomes a pedestrian mall. After the mall, the street becomes West State Street. The State House is two blocks up on the left. The walk takes 10-15 minutes.
Cabs: Cabs are available at the rear of the station.

To RSVP and if you have any questions, contact Edita Birnkrant, NY Director, Friends of Animals by Email or 212.247.8120, or Dustin Rhodes, by Email or 202.906.0210