The Winter Badge of Ethics

How many times have you wondered what to do when you run into a human being wearing another animal’s fur?

Ethical vegans know that a society free of intimidation and control is our goal. So we take the high road, with fashionably small yet highly visible buttons that say FUR with a red, diagonal line through the word. Your message is clear.

And your statement is made to everyone in the train, or in the restaurant, in the street or shop — not just after your disastrous collision with the human fur-wearer occurs.

No more reacting to others. Make your statement on your time, everywhere. When you sport the NO-FUR badge, you’ll find that people affirmatively ask you about your views.

Priscilla Feral, Friends of Animals president, recently attracted the attention of a young person in a clothing shop. “What should I know about fur?” the young person asked, contemplating the Friends of Animals NO-FUR button. “My diet is purely vegetarian, but I’ve seen some new styles of chinchilla, and was thinking about it.”

A dialogue followed, and the young person became aware of the reasons to think beyond diet, and make peaceful decisions as a guiding philosophy. So much is available now in organic and sustainable fabrics for all seasons. Without the NO-FUR button, this lively and life-affirming conversation wouldn’t have happened — and some other activist might have run into this same young person in a new chinchilla coat.

Winter has arrived. When will it happen next?

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no fur button

Size: Small 1 1/2″ diameter (but no one will miss your message, which is black and stop-sign red on a white background.

We ship to: All U.S. postal codes.