pDear Members and Supporters:/p
pWe have received an urgent message from Wendy Keefover, Carnivore Protection Director for WildEarth Guardians./p
pThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has issued an order to kill the matriarch of the Fox Mountain Mexican wolf pack. This wolf and her mate have four new pups and a yearling pup. She has been implicated in killing farm animals within their territory on the Apache National Forest in New Mexico. /p
pThe affected rancher has been paid for his losses. In any case, as our supporters know, cattle farmers do not need to be there; now, with climate disruption upon us, we should know better than to consume the products of ranches. And the federal government cannot claim to bring Mexican wolves back into recovery if they are shooting and trapping them and removing them from their rightful habitat. /p
pCall before it’s too late to save this wolf./p
pPlease contact Dr. Benjamin Tuggle, Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service Southwest Regional Office and request that Dr. Tuggle rescind the kill order for the Fox Mountain matriarch. You can send a professional, firm e-mail to a href=”mailto:RDTuggle@fws.gov”RDTuggle@fws.gov/a. /p
pFollowing are some further points to make:/p
p• There are fewer than 60 Mexican wolves in nature. This population has none to spare./p
p• Biologists believe this wolf could doom the pups as well. Research also shows that wolves suffer trauma when their pack mates are killed. /p
pNot since 2007 has the federal government shot a Mexican wolf in the wild. This pointless and mean policy must be discarded. Please e-mail the Fish and Wildlife Service quickly. You might also ask for President Obama’s intervention. The U.S. president’s Twitter account is @BarackObama/p