pbThe Times Colonist/b/p
pFebruary 26, 2013/p
pSYDNEY, N.S. – A group of Cape Breton seal hunters say they’ve decided to call off the annual slaughter on Hay Island./p
pSpokesman Robert Courtney says the hunt has been suspended because there is no market for the pelts./p
pThe annual hunt for grey seals usually takes in a few hundred seals every spring./p
pHay Island is a small spit of land that is part of the Scatarie Island wilderness protected area, near Main-a-Dieu./p
pThe sealers did not go to Hay Island last year, either./p
pGovernments around the world have been closing their borders to seal products, including the Russian Federation – once one of the world’s largest markets for Canadian seal products./p
p(Cape Breton Post)/p
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