Get the FACTS behind HSUS’ flawed Captive Primate Safety Act

Although some animal advocacy groups are applauding HSUS for their “Captive Primate Safety Act” passing through the Senate, we are staunchly against the adoption of this federal measure because it is extremely flawed. Why? 


  • Primates do NOT belong in zoos as it states in this bill. They belong in the wild and in certain sanctuaries. HSUS should be working to keep primates out of captivity, not condoning it.
  • The bill exempts antiquated captivity programs such as the “Helping Hands” program which breeds captive capuchin monkeys, completely extracts their teeth and “trains them” with electric shocks so they can be sent into the homes of handicapped individuals to perform unecessary tasks. Outdated programs such as these should fall apart…NOT be legitimized by the humane society.
  • The HSUS spin on their bill is a hostile educational message when they describe primates as hazardous to human health…that is only because primates belong in nature, not in our pet homes.
  • This bill would OUTSTRIP stronger laws in other states that prevent privatization of nonhuman primates…this federal measure would be a step backwards.

We know the the bill is seriously flawed and must be opposed. 

Please tell your Representatives and Senator in Congress to OPPOSE Bill 1463, the Captive Primate Safety Act, until the bill can be properly drafted.

Find your Congress Member here to contact them today.  We will release more arguments and details in a document to be released as early as next week.