pstrongDid you know Canada goose roundups are monstrous? US Department of Agriculture agents typically enter a pond area during early morning, roughly separate goslings from parents, and then stuff the bound, panicked geese and babies into crates. Next, the geese are gassed or shot to death. nbsp;img alt=”” src=”/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/canada%20goose%20baby.jpg” style=”width: 300px; height: 307px; margin: 8px; float: right;” //strong/p
pFriends of Animals is asking its New York nbsp;members to take action and urge the town of Cornwall, N.Y. not to hire USDA agents to kill Canada geese like it did last summer. The USDA contracted with the Cornwall Town Board last summer to kill approximately 139 local geese under the guise of air safety issues at Stewart International Airport./p
pFriends of Animals advocates sensible steps to peacefully co-exist with geese rather than the shoot first mentality officials in Cornwall have embraced in the past. Officials must make it a policy to clean up waste matter instead of saying all geese within town limits must die. Posting signs and enforcing no-feeding and littering rules are also sound steps.nbsp;/p
pIn addition, habitat and landscape modifications are environmentally reasonable, longterm ways to deter geese from areas where they are seen as problematic. Geese are attracted to areas with short, mowed grass with open sight lines as safe nesting areas. Growing grass longer in areas, planting native shrubs and trees to block sight lines (geese like to watch for predators), will deter geese from ponds, shores and parkland—reducing the time they spend in any one spot—especially for the six-week period in summer when they’re moulting.nbsp;/p
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pFriends of Animals produces a Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual detailing this process. Contact the Town Board members of Cornwall and tell them to abandon their mean-spirited plan to slaughter Canada geese.nbsp;/p
pRandy Clark, Supervisor: nbsp;845-534-3760; a href=”” nbsp;nbsp;/p
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pYou can also sign a petition on right here./p