We need your help to save Canada geese in the town of Edgewater, N.J., from being slaughtered.
Edgewater Mayor Michal J. McPartland and the Edgewater Borough Council have approved a misguided plan to contract with the USDA’s Wildlife Services Division to round up and gas geese this summer. We are demanding they break this violent contract which would cause geese and their babies to be separated and corralled, roughly stuffed into plastic crates and transported to gas chambers where they will suffer a  slow, painful death.

Please tell the Mayor and the town council you are opposed to the brutal killing of Canada geese and to dissolve the USDA contract and instead utilize nonlethal solutions outlined in FoA’s Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual. Contact: Mayor Michael J. McPartland: mayorMcpartland@edgewaternj.org or call 201-943-1700;

Council President Anthony Bartolomeo: CouncilmanBartolomeo@edgewaternj.org; and Council members Michael Henwood: CouncilmanHenwood@edgewaternj.org; Duane Fischetti: councilwomanfischeti@edgewaternj.org; Dolores Lawlor: Councilwomanlawlor@edgewaternj.org; Vincent J. Monte: CouncilmanMonte@edgewaternj.org and Jose Luis Vidal: CouncilmanVidal@edgewaternj.org.

Modifying landscapes, habitat and grasses to deter geese and other birds from areas is simple, non-violent solution documented in Friends of Animals’ Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual. Mayor McPartland and the Borough Council were sent copies of this very manual, which details exactly what Edgewater should be doing instead of senseless killing.  Goose droppings—the main justification given by officials for the goose massacre—should simply be cleaned up, just as other waste is cleaned up in parks’ commercial spaces and waterfront areas. Commercial machines can be purchased which quickly and effectively remove goose droppings and even turn it into fertilizer.