Concocting a Lawsuit Against a Texas Refuge, Welfare Advocates Throw the Ball at the Wrong Goal

For 23 years, a small group of chimpanzees, natives of equatorial Africa with an intense natural urge for motion and freedom, were kept in Ohio and used in cognition experiments.

When the project’s funding dried up, and the University decided to divest itself of the research subjects, the Texas sanctuary Primarily Primates stepped forward to accept the chimpanzees.

The nine chimpanzees were taken out of the Ohio lab on the 27th of February. The experimenter, chained to the laboratory door in an angry display against the University, protested the end of the research opportunity, and quickly found allies to help attack the sanctuary. Some animal advocates joined in the pile-on — even going so far as to insist they should sue the refuge, and then touting this attack as a landmark case. Great Ape Standing & Personhood provides a report, including observations sent directly from the sanctuary by leading animal rights advocate Priscilla Feral. Read the report by Great Ape Standing & Personhood here.