pFind out how a href=””you can take action, as well./a/phr /pspan style=”font-size:18px;”strongUS Animal Protection Coalition Rushes to France to Stop a Massacre Oct. 27/strong/span/pp align=”center”nbsp;/ppstrongNew York/strongmdash;The Americans are coming. For the first time ever, American animal protection organizations are heading tonbsp;Francenbsp;to stop a massacre of bulls on Oct. 27./ppa href=”” target=”_blank”Friends of Animals/anbsp;(FoA) and a href=””Thenbsp;Companion Animal Protection Society /a(CAPS) will join forces with more than 1,000 animal rights activists at a bullfighting arena in Rodilhan, a small village in the south ofnbsp;France.nbsp;Anbsp;USnbsp;delegation is flying tonbsp;Francenbsp;to support the a href=””Comité Radicalement Anticorrida /a(CRAC Europe), the French anti-bullfighting organization./ppnbsp;The last time the bullfight was held in Rodilhan, activists were brutalized by bullfighting enthusiasts. Rodilhanrsquo;s mayor was filmed assisting in the assault of peaceful demonstrators. ldquo;They need our help,rdquo; said Carole Raphaelle Davis, CAPSrsquo; representative and director of European campaigns for FoA . ldquo;Not only are they stabbing animals to deathnbsp; but police stand by nbsp;while lsquo;afficionadosrsquo; beat up peaceful animal rights demonstrators who are there to stop a massacre. We are coming to march with CRAC Europe against this horrific animal abuse.rdquo;/ppa href=””Fortynbsp;Californianbsp;school children have sent letters/a to the mayor of Rodilhan and the French ambassador innbsp;Washingtonnbsp;D.C.nbsp;pleading them to ldquo;cancel the killing.rdquo;nbsp; CAPS and FoA have alsonbsp;launchednbsp;an American campaign aimed at headquarters of the French tourist boardnbsp;innbsp;New York Citynbsp;and French embassy innbsp;Washingtonnbsp;to threaten a boycott of travel tonbsp;France.nbsp;Francenbsp;is the number one destination for U.S. tourists with 3 million Americans traveling there every year.nbsp;Calls and emails have been pouring in to both offices./ppldquo;No where on the French Tourism website is there any mention of the cruel blood sport of bullfighting,rdquo; Davis said. The French tourism board is obviously hiding this from U.S. travelers. When Americans find out about it, they will be horrified. Americanrsquo;s wonrsquo;t understand how this can be legal under a special judicial exemption in such a civilized country.nbsp;U.S.nbsp;travelers want to see Mona Lisarsquo;s smile and thenbsp;Eiffelnbsp;Tower, not gruesome animal abuse.rdquo;/ppOn Sunday the 27supthnbsp;nbsp;/supof October, matadors and their assistants will taunt and kill a series of bulls and calves throughout the day in Rodilhanrsquo;s bullfighting arena. The chief of police of Nîmes, the town that has jurisdiction over thenbsp;villagenbsp;ofnbsp;Rodilhan, has stated that police will arrestnbsp; any protesters who cross a police barricade, 400 meters from the arena and face a fine of 76,000 Euros./ppThe bullfighting ldquo;aficionadosrdquo; are using social media sites to threaten violence against animal rights demonstrators. The protesters will be tweeting LIVE from Rodilhan using the hashtag #Rodilhanmassacre./ppnbsp;ldquo;To callnbsp;the sadisticnbsp;performance ofnbsp; French matadors whonbsp;inflict pain andnbsp;death on confined, weakened bullsnbsp;and calves a cultural event is mind-blowing to humanitarians in the United States, said Edita Birnkrant, NY Director for Friends of Animals. nbsp;ldquo;France shouldn#39;tnbsp;benefitnbsp;from tourists who travel to enjoy a more refined, civilized culture, ldquo;said Birnkrant, ldquo;and my presence at this protest in France represents millions more Americans who will refuse tourism to France until this animal torture grotesquely labeled as ldquo;artrdquo; is officially banned.rdquo;/ppnbsp;/ppstrongContact details:/strong/ppCarole Raphaelle Davis, CAPS West Coast Director and FoA Director of Campaigns, Europe: email:nbsp;a href=”” target=”_blank”; telephonenbsp;France: +33 6 58 07 76 29 to dial from US: 011 33 6 58 07 76 29/ppEdita Birnkrant,nbsp;New Yorknbsp;Director, Friends of Animals:nbsp;email:nbsp;a href=”” target=”_blank”; telephone:nbsp;a href=”tel:917.940.2725″ target=”_blank”917.940.2725/a/ppPriscilla Feral, President, Friends of Animals,nbsp;a href=”” target=”_blank”; telephone: Home:nbsp;a href=”tel:203.838.6818″ target=”_blank”203.838.6818/a Office: 203.656.1522/pp align=”center”nbsp;/pp align=”center”strong# # #/strong/ppnbsp;/ppnbsp;/ppstrongFriends of Animals, headquartered in Darien, Conn., /strongis annbsp;international animal advocacy organization, incorporated in the state ofnbsp;New Yorknbsp;since 1957. Friends of Animals works to cultivate a respectful view of nonhuman animals, free-living and domestic. Our goal is to free animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation around the world.nbsp;a href=”” target=”_blank”;/ppnbsp;/ppFounded by President Deborah Howard in 1992, thenbsp;strongCompanion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)/strongnbsp;is the only national nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to protecting companion animals from cruelty in pet shops and puppy mills. CAPS actively addresses the abuse and suffering of pet shop and puppy mill dogs through investigations, education, media relations, legislative involvement, puppy mill dog rescues, consumer assistance and pet industry employee relations. a href=””