pThe main office in of Friends of Animals, in Darien, Connecticut, as well as the surrounding area, has experienced extensive outages and communications difficulties since the landfall of `Superstorm` Sandy. Apologies for the inconveniences this had caused for our members and supporters and those seeking information. We hope and expect to open and resume regular operations on Monday 5 November. /p
pAs soon as the cable connection is restored, our phones will work again and we can process online orders for merchandise and veterinary certificates for low-cost pet neutering./p
pAlthough property damage and the interruptions of our lives have been substantial, no one on the Friends of Animals staff was injured. Thanks to so many of you for your messages of concern./p
pWe urge you to check on friends and the people in your area, and to check up on animals who might need special attention because of the unusual situations of their caregivers. /p