Rally Against Goose Kill Today

-Peter C. Mastrosimone —Queens Chronicle

In response to the ongoing killing of geese at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and other parks in the name of aviation safety, animal rights activists are holding a protest today, June 26, in Manhattan.

Led by Friends of Animals, the rally will be held from 5:30 to 7 p.m. outside Port Authority headquarters, located at 225 Park Ave. South.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been killing the geese while they’re molting, and therefore unable to fly, in order to avoid bird-plane collisions like the Miracle on the Hudson incident in January 2009. The animal activists say that is unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer money.

“It’s now obvious that the USDA intends to kill every last Canada goose they can at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, a supposed safe haven for these creatures,” said David Karopkin, founder of the GooseWatch NYC organization. “There is no need to kill these birds. It’s obscene and tragic, and the public has a right to know what our government is doing.”

The protest organized by FoA along with GooseWatch NYC and LION, was a success yesterday. Close to 70 people arrived to protest up at the Port Authority of NY headquarters, filling an entire block and handing out hundreds of FoA’s flyers, including some to Port Authority staffers, educating the them about these policies and urging them to help us stop the goose kill by following our Take Action steps. Protesters talked with the public, raising awareness about this wildlife slaughter and many recipients of the flyers were eager to help stop these killings.The protest lasted from 5:30 to 7 pm, ending with the protesters marching to Union Square Park.

Call Mayor Bill De Blasio’s office directly at 311 or 212.NEWYORK and ask him to put an immediate end to the slaughter of Canada geese throughout New York City.

Contact Patrick J. Foye, executive director of the Port Authority of NY/NJ at 212.435.7271 or pfoye@panynj.gov and ask him to cancel the goose-killing contract with the USDA.

New York City residents should contact their NYC Council Member and ask them to take action to stop the Canada Geese killings and speak out to protect our wildlife. Click here to find your Council Member.

Attend our protest on Thursday, June 26 from 5:30 pm-7 pm at the NY Port Authority headquarters at 225 Park Ave. South, between 18th and 19th St.