Join us as we work with The Wildlife Preservation Coalition of Eastern Long Island and protest the largest deer massacre ever to occur in NY state history beginning in February.

1. Vote NO today, on Long Island Newsday Poll re culling deer population

2. Attend meetings of East Hampton Town Board on 12/19 and Village Board on 12/20

3. CALL-IN by concerned people from EVERYWHERE on Tuesday 12/17

Take Action Alert by The Wildlife Preservation Coalition:

Our petition to stop this barbaric massacre of  deer has been gaining momentum and support from people who are appalled by the magnitude of the plan and the ignorance of those who are “itching” to go ahead with a costly and ultimately short-sighted strategy, to slaughter deer in the “still of the night”.  Deer, beautiful, living, sentient creatures are demonized, referred to as “pests”, “vermin” “rats”, in order to make the killing more palatable.  But recent articles in local newspapers, describe “Mounting Anger on Deer Reduction Plan”  as more and more people learn of this run-away, “quick-fix”, over-reaction,  based on fear-mongering and anecdotal accounts, as well as the failure of officials to do any appropriate scientific-based studies, to justify the need for such a risky plan, with grotesque and deadly consequences, and maybe not just for the deer.

1.Our efforts to Stop Long Island Farm Bureau/USDA Stealth Plan To Brutally Slaughter 5,000 East End Deer have begun to get noticed.  An article in today’s Long Island Newsday, discusses the plan to steam-roll and go ahead with the largest massacre of deer in New York State’s history. There is also a poll (in a column on the right side of the article), which asks people to vote: Should Long Island use sharpshooters to cull its deer population?   Please do this now: Vote NO!!! the results will be published tomorrow.

2. Local activists and concerned citizens are planning to turn out to voice their protest at the Town Board meeting at the Town Hall, on Pantigo Road, in East Hampton on Thursday, 12/19, at 7pm and at the Village Board meeting on Friday, 12/20 at 11 AM at the Emergency Services Building (Firehouse) on 1 Cedar St.  Members of the public and the East Hampton Group for Wildlife plan to speak and need a strong turnout.  Please join them if you can.

3. In the meantime,  members of East Hampton Town and Village Boards and other local Boards need to hear from everyone who stands for reason, compassion and alternative solutions to killing. There will be a CALL-IN on Tuesday, December 17th from 10am-3pm. Please make your voices heard by making 5 calls or by faxing your protest:

Larry Cantwell – Incoming East Hampton Town Supervisor – (631) 324-3187; Fax: 631-324-2789
Frank Rickenback – Mayor, East Hampton Village – (631) 324-4150; Fax: 631-324-4189
Don Louchheim – Mayor, Sagaponack Village – (631) 537-0017; Fax: 631-537-0612
or Lee Foster – Deputy Mayor
Mark Epley – Mayor, Southampton Village – (631) 283-0247; Fax: 631-283-4990
Scott Russell – Town of Southold, Supervisor – (631) 765-1889; Fax: 631-765-1823

Talking points:

· Please let them know that you oppose this barbaric mass slaughter which is not based on scientific evidence or studies

· That this drastic plan is based primarily on fear-mongering and anecdotal accounts, and a failure by elected officials to take non-lethal steps, like immuno-contraception, to curb deer populations

· That the deer pose no immediate threats, but that this plan, to the contrary, will endanger people, pets and wildlife

· That the ultimate burden will fall on tax-payers, to cover the costs of this deadly rampage

· That NY tax-payers do not want to bear the ignominious distinction and dishonor of being responsible for the largest mass killing of deer in NY state history