Today, we’re installing climbing structures into the second, new chimpanzee enclosure, painting interior walls of other enclosures, installing electricity to the Air Force chimpanzee living quarters.

Lemur at Primarily Primates.

Lemur at Primarily Primates.

We are ensuring that nine lemurs today are prepared to move to their new, beautiful 40 x 40 living area, full of trees!

Also today, we’re stretching wire so that we can move squirrel monkeys back into a lovely, renovated enclosure with new bedrooms, two small ponds, and an abundance of new vegetation and climbing structures.

Few people know the magnitude of work here. We got a call from someone frantic in San Antonio who is driving seven domestic ducks here because this person’s building manager just killed three to four others. And we have another orphaned duckling almost ready for our pond.

Then there’s a new stray kitten without a tail, dropped off. We’ll have the veterinarian do the spaying this week and one of PPI’s staff just volunteered to adopt this young cat.

And there are dozens of other projects, like redesigning gibbon enclosures and fencing circular, grass-bottomed areas full of shrubs for patas monkeys, whose social groups have expanded since their vasectomies. Then there’s site planning and constrution bids for a new tamarin and marmoset living area. And, I haven’t mentioned cleaning, feeding or medicating animals today.

Thanks to every single one of you whose kind support is making it all possible.

Priscilla Feral
San Antonio