Will the animals you helped save at Primarily Primates – ** View Video** – survive PETA’s single-minded determination to destroy this sanctuary along with the lives of hundreds of abused animals who want only peace and refuge? You can help.

The sanctuary provides a lifelong home for elderly monkeys, birds with neurotic habits such as feather-plucking, and animals who exhibit sicknesses because labs bred them that way. They aren’t abused; they’re accepted at one of the few places in the world willing to care for them. Primarily Primates is a refuge of last resort.

PETA would have people believe that all the animals live in poorly designed enclosures. But as you already know, many of the animal enclosures have ropes, climbing structures, trees, and toys; in numerous natural spaces, whole trees grow within an enclosure. Some of Primarily Primates’ enclosures are so big that some highly funded zoo exhibits cannot compete with them. And two chimpanzee areas were undergoing enhancements just as PETA charged onto the premises.

Long ago, according to the president of Primarily Primates, PETA began refusing to help pay expenses for animals they sent there. Because they merely used the sanctuary, and turned their backs on the animals while they continued to fundraise off their stories and photos, Primarily Primates’ management decided not to accept future animals for long-term care from PETA. This, in addition to Primarily Primates’ property assets, may have given PETA a reason to begin a long-running attempt to break the sanctuary. In my opinion, no decent advocacy movement ought to let that happen.

Please make a donation to Save the Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Very truly yours,

Priscilla Feral,

Friends of Animals