pDear Friends, /p
pMillions of laying hens need your help right now. The egg industry is pushing federal legislation that would keep hens suffering in cages – and would outlaw the banning of egg factory cages nationwide. /p
pstrongWe need your help today to ensure this does not happen./strong/p
pA critical Senate vote could be held at any moment to decide whether Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments (S. 3239) will be inserted into this year’s Farm Bill. If allowed, this Rotten Egg Bill would be one dangerous step closer to becoming law. /p
pstrongPlease contact your U.S. Senators right now at (202) 224-3121 /strongto urge them to OPPOSE Senator Feinstein’s effort to have S. 3239 amended into the Farm Bill. Explain that S. 3239 would kill state laws, such as California’s Proposition 2 – and would keep hens forever locked in cages. /p
pUnder the guise of “enriching” egg factory cages, United Egg Producers’ proposed “Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments” (S. 3239) would:/p
p• Deprive states of the right to enforce laws which prohibit or restrict battery cages. /p
p• Deny state legislatures and voters their right to enact laws addressing many unsafe and inhumane egg industry practices. /p
p• Deceive the American public with false assurances about animal welfare, while advancing a price-fixing scheme that merely trades one cruel cage”¦for another. /p
pHens deserve so much more than to be forever imprisoned in egg factory cages. Please help us Stop the Rotten Egg Bill today! /p
pP.S. If you have not already done so, please also visit the HFA website to email your Members of Congress. /p
blockquotepAbout HFA: Founded in 1985 and now over 250,000 members strong, The Humane Farming Association (HFA.org) operates the nation’s largest farm animal rescue and care facility and spearheads the Stop the Rotten Egg Bill campaign./p/blockquote