School may be out, but we found something that will keep kids reading all summer long—Veggie Vero, the world’s first vegan superhero for kids.

Veggie Vero and her flying-pig sidekick named Cashew live in the town of KalesVille. Together, the duo seeks out injustice and teaches the eco-friendly ways of KalesVille to the outside world. The books, written by Veronica Green, are meant to empower children and inspire a more compassionate generation.

During a recent visit to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Friends of Animals Correspondent Nicole Rivard stumbled upon Vegan Fine Foods, a plant-based gourmet grocery and cafe featuring local vendors as well as national and international purveyors.

There among the groceries was the Veggie Vero book series, The Adventures of Veggie Vero

After adapting a completely plant-based diet, Green quickly became passionate about sharing the benefits of this lifestyle with others, according to her website. Since 2016, she has been making her mark in South Florida by publishing children’s books that teach children about what Green calls “conscious living”.

“Conscious living is about being aware of how our daily choices affect the natural world around us and making a conscious effort to reduce our ecological footprint,” Green explains on her website. Eliminating animal products from our diet is actually the quickest way to reduce that footprint … oh yeah, and it’s also like a fountain of youth.”

Green includes a plant-based recipe at the end of each book and encourages meat-eaters to explore the plant-based version of their favorite dishes. All three books in the series, Veggie Vero and the Sandwich Imposter; Veggie Vero and the Mysterious Soup Festival; and Veggie Vero and the Case of the Missing Calves, are available for purchase at or Amazon Books.