Denver’s Canada geese need your help. We have learned that a 2020 depredation permit has been issued to the USDA on April 9 2020, which authorizes 4,000 geese to be killed by Wildlife Services in metropolitan Denver in 2020, which is approximately 70% of the city’s estimated 5,600-6,000 Canada geese.

We are working with Canada Geese Protection Colorado (CGPC), which has been conducting population counts in 15 Denver Parks. The CGPC scouts have found dramatic decreases in goose populations, well before a molting period when the geese would typically be removed by USDA Wildlife Services. This may indicate that adult geese and goslings are already being removed and killed by USDA Wildlife Services, well before a molting period in the end of June, with the intent of avoiding conflict with the public.

We are asking for your help in counting geese in specific parks that have been targeted by Denver Parks, and to monitor for USDA and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service activity affecting geese. You should look for specific activities including USDA performing head counts of geese and roundup activities occurring in the very early morning. This includes reporting if USDA trucks are present. This work is important because daily counts will help determine if geese are being killed earlier than anticipated.

We are seeking volunteers through the end of June/early July to:

– Walk or drive around a specific site and count geese at least once daily

– Monitor for FWS or USDA staff and activity

-Report findings via e-mail immediately after patrols

Locations that still need monitoring include:

Sloans Lake (200 geese at last count) *first priority*

Garland Park (27 geese at last count)

Ruby Hill

Overland Park

Garfield Lake

If you would like to participate, please email for more information.