Move over, humans…Halloween’s not just for you anymore. Pets are playing a bigger role in this spooky holiday and that’s something we’re definitely ok with. It might seem like all fun and games, but actually business of pet Halloween is no joke. The National Retail Federation recently estimated 16 percent of Americans plan to dress their pets in Halloween costumes this year, spending around $440 million on a trend that’s expected to continue growing in popularity.

We’ve collected some of our favorite pics his year from friends, our members and some of the most popular pets on social media. Check them out below and get added to our list by sending your pics to


1. Shark dogs! (They don’t bite)

2. Chimp pup

3. Tiny taco dog

4. Pumpkin head

5. Bee cat

6. Mutant ninja turtle

7. Unicorn

8. Goat cat

9. Hipster dog

10. Barkfest at Tiffany’s

11. Dracula dog