If you’re worried about our ever-warming planet, animal cruelty and your health, then chances are you already know the many benefits of being vegan. But where does that leave your gift-giving during the holiday season? Luckily, whether you yourself have adopted a plant-based lifestyle or are buying a gift for a vegan friend (or hopefully, both!), there are lots of cruelty-free gifts to choose from. Here are some of our favorite animal-friendly companies and some of our own items too:



1) Gone Pie Vegan Baked Goods makes delicious fair trade, vegan and gluten free treats. Gift-giving favorites include their famous pecan pie and the peanut butter caramel cups. The “You Pick Six” sampler is also a fantastic option that ensures you get to taste test some of the best desserts this bakery has to offer. Sampler includes: almond chai brownies, blondies, lemon tahini cookies, (not so) rocky road brownies, sesame peanut butter cookies, vanilla macaroons. Visit gonepie.com for information.



2) Ecco Bella started out of protest against the testing on animals for cosmetics. Its mission has expanded to the creation of skin care, hair care and parfum products from organics and nutraceuticals, powerful anti-aging ingredients from deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables. Ecco Bella especially loves lutein from marigolds, beta carotene from carrots, astaxanthin from sea algae and lycopene from tomatoes. Shop at eccobella.com







3) Fanciful Fox offers a wide selection of soaps and bath and body products that are free from fillers and artificial scents and are 100% cruelty free. From “Pumpkin Pie” to “Iceberg” soaps, there’s sure to be something for everyone on your holiday list. You can also purchase a subscription to Fanciful Fox’s monthly Soap Club. For $19.99, the recipient will receive a package full of Fanciful Fox’s favorite products. Each month you can expect a range of new products from bar soaps and lip products to moisturizers and face care. Visit fancifulfox.myshopify.com 





4) Miyoko Schinner embarked on a mission to recreate the range of flavors and textures she had once enjoyed from dairy cheeses before becoming vegan and she has succeeded wonderfully. We highly recommend choosing from her Vegan Cheese Wheel options, which include a Rustic Alpine option and an amazing Smoked Farmhouse spread. Visit miyokos.com/collections for more information.




5) Friends of Animals President Priscilla Feral’s dog biscuit recipe cookbook promises to thrill your four-legged family members and their friends. The book features 12 beautifully illustrated recipes —one for each month—which contain seasonal, plant-based ingredients that complement the holidays. You can also purchase a dog bone cookie cutter. Visit our website friendsofanimals.org/shop






6)Show off your love for animals in style with our very own T-shirts, tote bags, cookbooks and our brand new BE VEGAN pin. Consider putting together a few items for a gift basket for the stylish vegan in your life. Visit friendsofanimals.org/shop to view all of our offerings.